EducationFaculty List

Full time professors in the College of Information Science

Makoto Itoh PhotoChair / Professor

Makoto Itoh

Systems safety : mutual trust and cooperation in human-machine systems, cognition, inference, and decision making under uncertainty or gray zone, perception and acceptance of risk.

Toshiyuki Amagasa PhotoProfessor

Toshiyuki Amagasa

Database, Data engineering, Social media mining, Database applications in scientific domains.

Akihisa Ohya PhotoProfessor

Akihisa Ohya

Intelligent robots and sensing : Mobile robots working in human’s daily life environment, real world sensory information processing, networked robotics, cooperative multiple mobile robots.

Kazumasa Omote PhotoProfessor

Kazumasa Omote

Information security : blockchain and cryptoasset security, advanced cyber-attack countermeasures, IoT security, applied cryptography, privacy-preserving data analysis

Yukiyoshi Kameyama PhotoProfessor

Yukiyoshi Kameyama

Functional Programming, Software Verification.

Noboru Kunihiro PhotoProfessor

Noboru Kunihiro

Tetsuya Sakurai PhotoProfessor

Tetsuya Sakurai

Numerical analysis : Numerical algorithms and their applications, validated compurations, mathematical software.

Yutaka Shikano PhotoProfessor

Yutaka Shikano

Metrology, Quantum Inforamtion Science, Physics and Information, Theoretical Physics

Daisuke Takahashi PhotoProfessor

Daisuke Takahashi

High-performance computing : High-performance numerical algorithms on parallel computers and performance evaluation.

Hotaka Takizawa PhotoProfessor

Hotaka Takizawa

Intelligent image processing : medical image recognition, computer-aided diagnosis, assistive technology for persons with disabilities, 3-D computer vision.

Osamu Tatebe PhotoProfessor

Osamu Tatebe

Parallel and Distributed System Software, Data-Intensive Computing, High Performance Computing.

Akira Nukada PhotoProfessor

Akira Nukada

High Performance Computing, Performance Optimization, GPU Computing

Kazuhiro Fukui PhotoProfessor

Kazuhiro Fukui

Pattern recognition and computer vision : Face recognition, 3D object recognition, human sensing, robot vision.

Taisuke Boku PhotoProfessor

Taisuke Boku

Massively parallel and high performance computing systems : Massively parallel processing system architecture, cluster computing and its system software, performance evaluation in high performance computing.

Jun Mitani PhotoProfessor

Jun Mitani

Computational Geometry, Computer Graphics, Computational Origami

Moritoshi Yasunaga PhotoProfessor

Moritoshi Yasunaga

High speed VLSI design and its application, High speed signal transmission, Reconfigurable systems, Evolvable hardware.

Ikkyu Aihara PhotoAssociate Professor

Ikkyu Aihara

Experimental and theoretical studies of animal behavior.

Yohei Akimoto PhotoAssociate Professor

Yohei Akimoto

Black-Box Optimization, Evolutionary Computation, Reinforcement Learning

Hirotake Abe PhotoAssociate Professor

Hirotake Abe

System Software, Distributed Systems, Computer Security, Computer Network.

Satoshi Iizukaの写真Associate Professor

Satoshi Iizuka

Yasuhiko Igarashi PhotoAssociate Professor

Yasuhiko Igarashi

Machine learning, Multivariate analysis, Sparse modeling, Data-driven science, Measurement informatics, Materials informatics

Akira Imakura PhotoAssociate Professor

Akira Imakura

Numerical analysis : Numerical algorithms for solving linear systems and eigenvlaue problems.

Hiroshi Unno PhotoAssociate Professor

Hiroshi Unno

Program verification : model checking, type systems, program analysis, automated theorem proving.

Yoshihiro Oyama PhotoAssociate Professor

Yoshihiro Oyama

Computer security, system software, operating systems, virtualization

Akira Sato PhotoAssociate Professor

Akira Sato

computer network, information security, computer system

Hiroaki Shiokawa PhotoAssociate Professor

Hiroaki Shiokawa

Database systems, Data engineering, Data mining

Kazuhiro Shouno PhotoAssociate Professor

Kazuhiro Shouno

Analog integrated circuit and circuit theory : Highly linearized CMOS transconductors and complex filters.

Yasushi Shinjo PhotoAssociate Professor

Yasushi Shinjo

Operating systems, distributed systems, virtual systems, parallel processing, XML Web Services.

Takashi Nishide PhotoAssociate Professor

Takashi Nishide

Cryptographic Techniques, and Security of Information Systems.

Koji Hasebe PhotoAssociate Professor

Koji Hasebe

Applications of logic to computer science : formal methods, information security, distributed systems, multi-agent systems, game theory.

Yasunori Futamura PhotoAssociate Professor

Yasunori Futamura

Parallel algorithms for large-scale matrix computations, High-performance graph algorithms, Dimensionality reduction, Distributed parallel numerical software

Hiroshi Furukawa PhotoAssociate Professor

Hiroshi Furukawa

Cognitive interface : human interface designs for human-machine collaboration, mental models in dynamic environment.

Naoto Hoshikawa PhotoAssociate Professor

Naoto Hoshikawa

Network System, Service Computing, Security Infrastructure, DX

Atushi Maeda PhotoAssociate Professor

Atusi Maeda

programming language implementation, parsing, runtime systems, resource management.

Fumio Machida PhotoAssociate Professor

Fumio Machida

Software reliability, dependability evaluation, stochastic models, system design optimization.

Shinichi Yamagiwa PhotoAssociate Professor

Shinichi Yamagiwa

High performance stream-based computing environment.

Yoshiki Yamaguchi PhotoAssociate Professor

Yoshiki Yamaguchi

direct hardware implementation for parallel computing, reconfigurable computing, bioinformatics.

Takeshi Yamada PhotoAssociate Professor

Takeshi Yamada

Speech and acoustic information processing.

Hiroshi Tomiyasu PhotoLecturer

Hiroshi Tomiyasu

Making better use of significantly progressing microprocessors for parallel computer architecture after Age of vector supercomputers and massively parallel computers.

Tetsuya Mizutani PhotoLecturer

Tetsuya Mizutani

Program theory and musical informatics : Logical foundation of verification and analysis of realtime intellectual program systems and musical information.

Claus Aranha PhotoAssistant Professor

Claus Aranha

Machine Learning, Evolutionary Algorithms, Game Programming.

Yuki Endoの写真Assistant Professor

Yuki Endo

Kenji Kanazawa PhotoAssistant Professor

Kenji Kanazawa

VLSI Engineering, Reconfigurable computing, Accelerator for hard computation problems using reconfigurable LSI.

Ryohei Kobayashi PhotoAssistant Professor

Ryohei Kobayashi

GPU-FPGA Cooperative Computation, Reconfigurable Computing System

Yuichi Saitoの写真Assistant Professor

Yuichi Saito

Human-machine system, cognitive systems science, systems safety and control

Shuji Sannomiya PhotoAssistant Professor

Shuji Sannomiya

Low-Power Processor Architecture, Low-Power VLSI Design

Dai Hai Nguyen PhotoAssistant Professor

Dai Hai Nguyen

Machine Learning and Bioinformatics

Taisei Takahashi PhotoAssistant Professor

Taisei Takahashi

Information Security: Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, Cryptographic Protocol

Hiroto Tadano PhotoAssistant Professor

Hiroto Tadano

Numerical analysis : Numerical algorithms for large scale linear systems. Parallel computing for eigenvalue problems.

Bou Savong PhotoAssistant Professor

Bou Savong

Database systems, Data engineering, Data mining, especially Data stream processing・analytics.

Kazuto Fukuchi PhotoAssistant Professor

Kazuto Fukuchi

Norihisa Fujita PhotoAssistant Professor

Norihisa Fujita

High Performance Computing, Accelerator, GPU Computing, Reconfigurable Computing, High Performance Interconnection

Anna Bogdanova PhotoAssistant Professor

Anna Bogdanova

Machine Learning, Privacy, Explainability, AI Ethics

Kazumasa Horie PhotoAssistant Professor

Kazumasa Horie

Machine Learning, Deep Neural Network, Biological Signal Processing

Keiichi Morikuni PhotoAssistant Professor

Keiichi Morikuni

Numerical linear algebra, Numerical analysis, Numerical algorithms

Xiucai Ye PhotoAssistant Professor

Xiucai Ye

Feature selection for high dimensional data, Clustering, Machine learning, Data analysis, Classification, Network computing.

Ayanori Yorozu PhotoAssistant Professor

Ayanori Yorozu

Intelligent robot for human-harmonious collaboration, Task and motion planning, Human and environmental sensing, Field robotics

Collaborating professors in the College of Information Science

Kazuhiko Kato PhotoVice President

Kazuhiko Kato

System software : operating systems, federated autonomous systems, network security, and information retrieval.

Keisuke Kameyama PhotoProfessor

Keisuke Kameyama*2

Pattern Recognition, Neural Networks and Signal Processing

Tohru Kawabe PhotoProfessor

Tohru Kawabe*1

Control design : Theory and Applications in Robust control, Receding horizon control, hybrid system, Brain machine interface, etc.

Hiroyuki Kudo PhotoProfessor

Hiroyuki Kudo*1

Image processing and medical imaging : Morphological and functional imaging for medicine, computer-aided diagnosis, image and video processing, intelligent image sensor.

Takahiro Kuno PhotoProfessor

Takahito Kuno*1

Mathematical optimization.

Ko Sakai PhotoProfessor

Ko Sakai*1

Computational Vision Science.

Buntaro Shizuki PhotoProfessor

Buntaro Shizuki*1

Human-computer interaction : Visual programming and interaction techniques for end users.

Ryuji Tokunaga PhotoProfessor

Ryuji Tokunaga*1

Chaos, fractals and bifurcation theory. Computer amusement oriented elementary technologies.

Kazuo Misue PhotoProfessor

Kazuo Misue*1

information visualization, visual interface.

Mikio Yamamoto PhotoProfessor

Mikio Yamamoto*1

Natural Language Processing on the Web using statistial methods : Statistical machine translation and Web documents processing such as sentiment analysis.

Takashi Inui PhotoAssociate Professor

Takashi Inui*1

Natural Language Processing : Sentiment Analysis, Opinion Mining, and Information Extraction from Web data.

Mizuki Oka PhotoAssociate Professor

Mizuki Oka

Web Science, Artificial Intelligence and Complex Systems.

Yoshihiro Kanamori PhotoAssociate Professor

Yoshihiro Kanamori*1

Computer graphics : image editing techniques, computer-assisted creation of illustration and animation, non-photorealistic rendering (NPR)

Shigetomo Kimura PhotoAssociate Professor

Shigetomo Kimura*1

Information communication engineering : Process algebra, network protocols and performance evaluation of communication systems.

DongSheng Cai PhotoAssociate Professor

DongSheng Cai*2

Multimedia using artificial life theory. High performance computing and parallel computing for space simulation. Imaging using chaos and fractals.

Yoshio Sano PhotoAssociate Professor

Yoshio Sano*1

Discrete Mathematics, Discrete Optimization, Discrete Algorithms

Taizo Suzuki PhotoAssociate Professor

Taizo Suzuki*2

Multi-perception media processing: Sparse transform, graph signal processing, deep learning, image/video processing, compression, perceptual security

Shin Takahashi PhotoAssociate Professor

Shin Takahashi*2

User interface software. Ubiquitous computing.

Sho Tsugawa PhotoAssociate Professor

Sho Tsugawa*1

Network mining, Social network analysis, Computational social science

Yoshito Hirata PhotoAssociate Professor

Yoshito Hirata

Nonlinear time series analysis (theory and its applications), 3D reconstruction of chromosome structure

Ikkaku Kawaguchiの写真Assistant Professor

Ikkaku Kawaguchi

Human-computer interaction, Remote communication support, Human-robot interaction

  • *1 Main affiliation : College of Media Arts, Science and Technology; Secondary affiliation: College of Information Science.
  • *2 Main affiliation : College of International Studies; Secondary affiliation : College of Information Science.