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Information Science as the basis of our lifestyle

Just as life is not possible without water, electricity, and gas, life is no longer possible without information (information technology). In many countries, all purchases can be settled on smartphones, and many people no longer carry wallets. Checking the time is also done with a smartphone, so more and more people do not wear watches anymore.

There are many other things that have been brought about by the development of information technology. A car that looks like a lump of machinery at first glance can no longer be made without information technology. The number of vehicles equipped with an automatic braking function to prevent collisions with vehicles ahead is increasing. Obstacle recognition uses technologies such as identifying vehicles from camera images. Therefore, information technology, such as image recognition and machine learning, is indispensable in the automotive field. Also, thanks to such technology, even autonomous driving is no longer a far-away dream.

Activities our students and faculty members

Back when our program was still called "informatics," the faculty, students and alumni of the school of the College of Information Science have made contributions to society. The creator of Ruby, a programming language used all over the world, is a graduate of our school. Many of our alumni are leading companies in the fields of information and manufacturing.

Our current students are also achieving remarkable results in their activities. In the International Collegiate Programming Contest (ICPC), teams from the University of Tsukuba have reached the world finals three times in a row, in 2018, 2019 and 2020 (and 5 times in total). Also, some of our students have been recognized as "Supercreators" by the Exploratory IT Human Resources projects (MITOU Program) of the Information technology Promotion Agency of Japan (IPA).

Everyone can do it

Do people from the College of Information Science who contributed to our society and international communities have some sort of "natural ability"? There is no doubt that some of these people have extraordinary programming abilities. But that is not all.

The curriculum offered by the college of information science is organized so that you can start from scratch. If you study hard for 4 years, you will be able to contribute your knowledge to society. The progress in the field of information technology is so fast that it may seem difficult to keep up. However, the important foundations of information science and information technology do not change so easily. In the college of information science, it is possible to become a flexible professional that master the fundamentals, and can adapt and respond to the changes and needs of society.

Detailed guidance

Another feature of the College of Information Science is that the number of faculty is large compared to the number of students, and the subjects of our studies cover a wide area. For more information on what teachers you can learn from, please refer to the information science brochure or web page. I think you’ll be surprised by its breadth. By the time you start looking for a lab assignment, you will probably be wondering which lab to choose.

In addition, because of the large ratio of teachers to students, our students can receive detailed guidance. Each faculty member can accept a maximum of three students to supervise during the graduation thesis. This means that you can earn good advice and support for deciding your graduation research theme, performing the experiments, and writing your thesis.

Success in the international community

Also, we work to allow our students to turn their eyes overseas while studying. We support and encourage the international exchange activities of our students through the "Tobitate! Study Abroad JAPAN" project promoted by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT), as well as the University of Tsukuba’s own international exchange promotion programs. In fact, the number of students who are taking the challenge to study overseas has been gradually increasing in the past few years.

Diverse career paths

Information science and information technology are needed everywhere in society. In other words, there are many places where information engineers can be active. Find a career that suits you by studying in the College of Information Science.

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