Access MapGuidance in a campus.

Please read the following instruction carefully before you visit our college, or you can easily get lost; the campus of our university is the largest among national universities in Japan.

Directions to College of Information Science

Campus Map

The College of Information Science is located in the central area of Tsukuba Campus. Regarding the access to the central area, refer to the directions to Tsukuba Campus. The nearest bus stop is "Dai-San Area Mae" that is the second stop after the "Daigaku Kaikan Mae" when you take the clockwise loop-line campus bus (Tsukuba Daigaku Junkan, Migi-Mawari). For detailed information about bus stops, refer to the bus route from the Tsukuba Center. Orange square in this map shows the Dai-San Area.


For guests by car, there is a parking lot in front of the Building F in the Dai-San Area. Ask for a free parking admission at the gatehouse near the front entrance of the building.

Chair’s Office

Room 3B414-1 (4th Floor), Building-B of Dai-San-Area.
Office of the Department of Computer Science
Room 3F900 (9th Floor), Building-F of Dai-San-Area.