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College of Information Science


In April, 2007, the undergraduate education in the University of Tsukuba was reformulated and the College of Information Science, which has been part of the Third Cluster of Colleges, became a college in the School of Informatics, a new undergraduate-level school which is dedicated to the systematic study on Informatics (Information and Computer Science). The School consists of three colleges : the College of Information Science, the College of Media Arts, Science and Technology, and the College of Knowledge and Library Sciences. The College of Information Science covers a wide range of the scientific and technological aspects in Informatics.


The College of Information Science aims at educating professionals who have profound knowledge about information science and technology, and at the same time, can apply their knowledge to solving problems in realistic situations.

The importance of information science (computer science) in human society has raised in the last century. Computers, internet, and media technologies have become essential ingredients of our daily lives. While useful, these technologies involve new and challenging problems such as computer security, system reliability, and information explosion. Acquiring well established technologies alone does not contribute to solving these new types of problems.

The students in the college study information science by analyzing fundamental principles of information representation and retrieval, the key mechanisms of information processing, and how to provide valuable information to human society. The topics covered range over various aspects of information science from VLSI to computer software and human intelligence. Freshmen and sophomore study the courses in the common curriculum which constitutes a foundational core of information science.Junior and senior students enroll in one of three specialized areas : software & computing science, computer systems, and machine intelligence & media technologies. In addition to ordinary lectures, the college provides a number of hands-on laboratory courses using computers and software systems, laboratory works based on students’ initiative, and a software development project.

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