Photo of Ryohei KobayashiAssistant Professor

Ryohei Kobayashi

My research theme is to clarify how to apply programmable LSIs to building computer systems of the future. CPU and GPU computation capabilities have been improved year by year, but their performance cannot be 100% delivered depending on application characteristics. To address them, Field-Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) based accelerators have been attractive in recent years. FPGA is a programmable LSI on which designers can implement any desired digital circuit, and FPGA-based accelerators can achieve higher performance and better power efficiency than implementations on CPUs and GPUs because designers can implement circuits that realize application-specific pipelined hardware and data supply systems. Computer systems are essential components to sustain the information age, and are nowadays used for lots of fields from scientific technologies to those we use in daily life, like weather forecast, drug development, financial engineering, artificial intelligence, automotive, smart phones, gaming machines, etc. Human beings have received these benefits that are thanks to performance improvements of computer systems. To make the future of the world more bright and prosperous, it is the key to research how to build innovative computer systems and how to apply them to practical matters. Would you like to join me and create the new world together?