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Yukiyoshi Kameyama (Dean of the College)

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This is the Information Age

The modern world overflows with a plethora of information: worldwide news, disaster reports, product information from companies, and information posted by individuals on social media sites. This information is processed using many different devices, from smartphones and PCs to supercomputers, all of which are connected to each other through a network.

At the College of Information Science, students study the many technologies and ideas related to this modern information, covering both the creation and use of the devices and the methods employed to process it.

A Super-Staffed Faculty

For the fixed admission of 80 first-year students in the College of Information Science, 53 full-time teachers are on duty, equating to one teacher for every 1.5 students. This abundant staff covers an extremely broad range of subjects, from computers, networking, security, and other fundamental technology to web applications, user interfaces, voice and image recognition, and supercomputer calculations.

Ample Career Choices After Graduation

Many students from the science and technology departments go on to graduate school, and in recent years, about 80% of the students from the College of Information Science have moved on to graduate school. After graduation, students (including those who have completed graduate school) enter a wide range of industries such as information and telecommunications industries, as well as the automobile and electronics manufacturing, banking, television stations, and entertainment sectors.

Graduate Students in High Demand

The world of information has ushered in the common use of technology, such as the Internet and smartphones, which did not even exist a few years ago. With the unprecedented speed of these technological advances, there is a demand for a large number of technical experts. Graduates are actively working in a wide range of fields that all require this information.

Change the World with CIS!

We look forward to meeting those of you who want to use Computer and Information Science (CIS) to make the world a better, more fun place to live in, as well as those of you with big dreams and ambitious spirits.